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Demonstrating that you can understand — and meet — customers’ specific needs is critical. Empower organizational growth by providing a richer relational experience.

Marketing Automation

You need the ability to scale personalized outreach throughout the customer life cycle. Promote customer retention and grow relationships through personalized marketing communications.


Analytical intelligence drives targeted marketing. 360 View helps you gain valuable insights from customer data, so you can take the right actions for your business at the right time.
Comprehensive profitability graphs
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Your team needs a clear and comprehensive view of relationships and profitability to be equipped to win client trust and maximize cross-sell opportunities. Give them the power to see the value of accounts and strategic steps to grow strong relationships.

Goals & Incentives

Attracting, retaining, and empowering motivated employees is essential to growing your financial institution. With 360 View, you can track and reward employees for achieving their sales goals.


Not only have we been able to streamline our processes and make them more efficient through 360 View, its reporting capabilities and tracking are absolutely priceless! Best investment we’ve ever made!

— Kayla Curtis, First Community Credit Union

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This insight-packed resource will dive into how financial institutions can tap into the power of responsive customer service, combined with powerful, and leading-edge technology to attract new buyers, build customer relationships, improve profitability, and optimize sales efforts.


Your Top Banking CRM Questions: Answered

As a team of former bankers, 360 View understands that adding a CRM to your technology stack is a significant investment. Check out these common questions if you’re considering a CRM.

White Paper

4 Ways to Win with Banking Customers in 2018

By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as a differentiator. Do you have a plan to win?


Building a Culture of Innovation

According to Eric Ryan of Method, no matter your industry, if you can get authentic culture and great products right, marketing becomes much easier.

Everyone says small banks can’t do CRM; it’s too expensive. But it’s the best thing we did in the past five years.

— Mike Elliott, United Bank of Union


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