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We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions heard from bankers through the years. Let us know if you can’t find an answer to your question. We’d love to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you integrate with my core banking software?

Yes, we currently integrate with over 15 unique core banking systems.

How long is implementation?

Our implementation is divided into very defined phases. You will have an implementation specialist assigned to you that will walk you through the entire process from the initial kick-off call to the final go-live day. We usually plan for implementation to take anywhere from three to six months.

Can we implement 360 View CRM in stages?

Yes, how you choose to roll out 360 View to your team is totally in your hands. You can roll out different parts of the solution in stages and even customize it by employee role. For example, maybe you want your Lenders to have access to Pipeline initially, but want to limit that for Tellers – no worries, you control who has access.

Do you typically see one person at an institution responsible for the 360 View software?

We recommend a dedicated CRM Administrator to make your investment successful. We also recommend a CRM Committee comprised of representatives from your different business lines in order to ensure better adoption across the organization. This model has been proven most successful with our bank and credit union partners.

How do you price the 360 View CRM Platform?

We are an enterprise solution, meaning we want your CRM on every desktop. We don’t charge expensive per seat license fees. Our pricing is based on the institution's asset size, making it cost effective to deploy to all employees. Additionally, 360 View provides you with your ACTUAL cost, unlike some solutions that can’t provide full pricing and may hit you with expensive and hidden fees. Learn more about pricing.

Where is the software hosted?

The 360 View CRM Platform can be hosted within your organization, or we can host it for you.

Do you provide training?

Yes, during the implementation process your team will be trained on all licensed modules of the 360 View CRM Platform so your team is ready when you go live. We also provide on-demand training videos on the 360 View Community site, as well as plenty of documentation about new releases and enhancements. If you’d like another level of assistance, we offer Professional Services which consist of several different options like CRM Strategy, CRM Mentorship, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Segmentation, Outsourced CRM Admin, and General Consulting. Learn more about Professional Services.

Do you have a Mobile App?

Yes, we have a mobile app that allows your team to access important customer and prospect data while on the go.

Do you integrate with Outlook?

Yes, we have two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook for both email and calendar events.

Do you have Email Marketing capabilities?

Yes. We currently integrate with Constant Contact. All marketing email activities (delivers, opens, bounces, clicks, etc.) are recorded in the 360 View CRM on the prospect/customer record.

Do you have a forum for clients to interact with each other?

Yes, we have a few ways that you can interact with other users.

  • We have a 360 View Community Forum where you can pose questions to the 360 View team and other users, share ideas, submit enhancement requests, access training videos, manuals, and documentation.
  • Every other month we host a Virtual Town Hall where users can join an online meeting led by our Client Services Team where we present new topics and open the floor for user questions.
  • Every other year we host an in-person users conference in Nashville, TN called The View. This is a 2-day event full of learning, networking, and lots of fun. It’s a family reunion of sorts where users make connections they keep for years and get a chance to meet and know the 360 View team.
Do you have an API?

Yes, with the 360 View API (Application Programing Interface) you can query the main CRM Objects (customers, accounts, referrals, incidents, pipelines, activities) and add/update any of those objects. This allows you to integrate to any of your 3rd-party systems.

How quickly can we get started?

We have team members ready to get you started. Want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible? We’re ready for you. Schedule a demo today.

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