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Is visibility into your customer’s profitability limited because balance and rate information alone just don’t show you the full picture?


Quickly know the value of your accounts and household relationships. See customer ranking, trends, and month-to-date profitability.

Key Benefits
Comprehensive View of Customer Relationships

360 View doesn’t just look at individual accounts, but instead shows you the entire relationship and its profitability. This enables you to create programs for retaining top customers and growing the others. Our management dashboard gives leadership insight into activities with a time-saving, high-level overview of that information.

Customize Profitability to Your Bank

Customer profitability is no longer just based on industry standards. Now, 360 View empowers you to tailor the data to your institution. We bring in information on costs, fees, and rates from your core system while giving you the ability to create soft costs parameters (such as overhead, data processing, and loan loss provision) that provide insight into your profitability.

Everything You Need in One Place

Our CRM has a profitability system built in, which enhances both your ability to manage relationships and to identify net profit. We integrate your core data, along with third-party data from across the organization, so you are equipped to make decisions based on the entire customer relationship.

Customer Profitability in Action

“We always thought we knew who our most valuable customers were. That changed once we implemented 360 View Profitability. Now we are able to create programs to not only retain our most profitable customers, but also to grow our unprofitable customers.”

More Premium Features

Goal & Incentive Plans

Track and reward employees for measurable sales goals. View results daily. Whether it’s your plan or a plan that we create, we can automate the process for your organization.

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Pop-up Messages

Prompt employees with customer-specific sales and service messages at your frontline, call center or during any customer interaction with SmartPops™.

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Marketing Automation

Mine your 360 View customer data and easily generate lists to direct your next successful onboarding campaign, direct mail, cross-sell, and more, and then track your results.

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